Monday, December 8, 2008

Maw Maw's Birthday

Today was Maw Maw's birthday. This is a woman who belongs to everyone. She is timeless and tireless. She is love and life all rolled into one. Today she turned 79 years old and thinks that she is slowing down. She always tells me to stop and smell the roses. So, in honor of Maw Maw, I am stopping tonight to smell the roses of my life with her ....
When I think of her, I remember ....
blackberry picking
fishing on the bridge
shaking in the shop on the shaking machine
beach trips
"gettin' greased"
camping trips
sleeping at the foot of the bed
Vicks Vapor Rub
snapping green beans
ironing pillow cases
vacuuming EVERY day
canning green beans
blackberry jelly
Bible School refreshments
going to see Sadie
singing around the piano
singing while washing dishes
singing while in the car
singing "Everybody oughta know"
crying with exhaustion after caring for a sick husband and little babies
coming EVERY single time I called her
and showing up when I least expected it.
I love her. She is a wonderful woman and the best Maw Maw ever invented.

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