Monday, March 23, 2009

THE moment

This is a gem of a quote that came from my calendar (given to me by my precious mother-in-law). It is by Stormie Omartian: "You never know when you will step into the moment for which God has been preparing you. And it is not just one moment; it's many successive ones. It doesn't matter whether you are a single career woman or a married lady with nine children under the age of ten; it doesn't matter whether you are nineteen or ninety, God is preparing you daily for something great." This spoke so profoundly to me today in my classroom..... only the LORD know the moments for which I was created .... was it a moment of encouragement to a student? was it a moment of love to my own children? or was it a moment of ministry to my husband? I do know that when my faith becomes sight, He will reveal the moments and I will marvel at His infinite grace and wisdom. What a day that will be !!!

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