Friday, January 2, 2009


Welcome welcome rah-hoo rah-hoo..... oh wait, that's welcome Christmas according to Whoville ...... any way, who cares ..... welcome welcome rah-hoo rah-hoo 2009..... when I was a kid 2009 was something in a sci-fi movie or book. Who could imagine the world would still be around during the 2000's. By the way, what do you call the 2000's? So inconvenient ... not like the 70s, 80s, or 90.
So how many wishlists for the new year have you made? I really just started and, technically, it is January 2, so I missed a whole day of new lists. Hmmmmm....... my list...........
1. go to bed before midnight (blew that one already)
2. limit car mileage to 217,000 miles (yeah, that one is gone already too)
3. don't drink caffeine three hours before going to bed (hahahahahaha)
4. don't play Ticket to Ride more than twice in one night (right)
5. eat only fruits and vegetables (does tomato sauce on pizza count as a veggie?)
6. make a new list everyday (I might can handle this one)

I am thinking that a man (woman) makes his plans, but the LORD determines his steps. I am going to leave the lists up to Him.

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Jonathan said...

Is it sinful that I didn't make a list this year. Or is it just practical? OH...and I've never heard anyone refer to the 2000s like the 90s or any other decade. BUT what I do hear very often is "21st Century." It will probably be like that until the "20s" I suppose.