Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Things I Love about Jonathan

Today is Jonathan's birthday !!! WoW! He's 28 years old and I CANNOT believe it! Ten things .....10. He is a great dad. He is there as much as possible to read to his children and tuck them in. He does diapers and dishes.9. He is a great husband. He and Ashley have overcome many obstacles but he has remained committed and provides for his family.8. He wants to be Frank. Actually, his wit and humor are another thing I love about him!7. He is considerate. He tries very hard to make sure everyone is included and taken care of.6. He is an ethical person. He really seeks to do the right thing with integrity in every circumstance.5. He is a big extended family man. He loves his grandparents and tries to communicate with them often.4. He has turned into a handy man! That is perhaps the biggest surprise! His house is a true testimony to his hard work and craftsmanship.3. He is a testimony at his job. Many people look up to him and admire the way he handles things at work.2. He's cute. :)1. This makes him sound perfect and he really isn't BUT He has the love of the Savior and the promise of eternity with his Heavenly Father .... can't wait to spend every day forever with him!

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Jonathan said...

Thanks, Mom! I love you!